I Providestrategy partnership & facilitation for collaborators

There is tremendous value in better connecting our diverse ideas, strengths, challenges, perspectives, experiences, and resources across teams, organizations, and partners. And it doesn’t accidentally happen. I can help you create supported space for honesty and optimize the collaborative advantage you know is possible.




Your leadership teams, workgroups, board, departments, and entire staff create powerful opportunities for collaborative advantage. As such, they are (or could be) involved in sharing and aligning perspectives, ideas, insights, and in making countless decisions about what and how to move things forward. They can bring strategy to life and help create culture that makes values real and people feel seen and supported. Teams shape the what, reinforce the how, and are aligned around a shared why.

In my work with internal agency teams, I help create healthy connection, clarity, and culture. I facilitate strategic conversations and planning that connect people and ideas with intention—so that they can help other people flourish too.

I support internal agency strategy and culture for organizations of all sizes focused on community and population health improvement within public health, healthcare, non-profit, and B-Corp organizations.

STRATEGY PARTNERSHIP & FACILITATION FORmulti-stakeholder partnerships

Solving problems and building strategy in complexity isn’t business as usual. Complexity requires us all to work differently, and better together, to accomplish what no single organization or person can figure out or do on their own. This work is messy (in good and challenging ways). It’s human at every level, requires listening and effective communication up-down-sideways-and-diagonally, and is simultaneously technical, operational, strategic, cultural, and political. It’s a lot.

When it feels like “it’s working,” it renews our hope, fuels our passion, and advances us forward. When it doesn’t, it feels like a frustrating waste of time that can takes us backward when it comes to trust and possibility. As you know, we must plan and proceed into these spaces with intention and context awareness.

I help partners like yours build connection and strategy in this complexity. I support multi-stakeholder partnerships and collaborations (virtually and in-person) who aim to contribute to humans flourishing—locally, regionally, statewide, or nationally.


human-centered strategyso everyone can flourish